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Cartoon dilemma. How does a cartoon rapper make the 'west side' sign?

lol... u suck. dog for a head is so lame no joekes r in this animaton just akward situasions n no real storyline. u need to work on teh caracture an make it not so gay and lame. LOL. ok anumation tho.......

Kench responds:

I hate you, Swede.

What don't you f***ing understand??

Behind the scenes of Pokemon: Salvation, with Christian Bale in the role of Pikachu.


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I wish I had heard of this, so I could have joined the fun.

Pretty sweet collab guys! It's really cool to see the variation of styles and approach in these. Overall, excellent quality, but my personal favorites are Flowers10, Jaona, Morthagg, Ornery, thDark, and the first one by J-qb,

J-qb responds:

I wish you'd heard bout it too.... :(
Keep an eye on the art forum, some pretty cool stuff going on there occasionally.

Passable, I guess.

Looks ok enough, but I wish there was some sound to go along with it, even if it's just for when you get a piece of food, or when you crash into yourself. Also, I think it might be a little too fast. It'd be nice if you could choose which speed you'd like to play with (easy, medium, hard, etc).

Very basic with a whole lot of room to improve, but I gave it a 2.

*Cries tears of joy*

I must bear your children!

I'm a big Zelda gamer and this really made my day! I got all the questions right on the first try.......... *cough*......... well, almost. I need to go refreshen my Zelda.

If there is even a shred of decency in the Fulp's, this must get front page!

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Love it.

Any special reason behind the title being "1997"?

Anti-Citizen responds:

Nothing specific. I guess you could say it's about the long summers of childhood. When the only real stress you had was getting past the water levels in sonic.

Fett. :)

Andersson187 responds:


Love this track.

Very smooth, really cool. It has a very Nujabes kind of feeling to it.

Congratz on having a song in a daily feature!

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Really nice!

Doesn't really look chibi though, looks more or less like normal manga proportions to me. With chibi, the head is a lot bigger in proportion to the body, between 1 to 1.5 and 1 to 3 ratio.

Anyway, looks adorable! Nice clean, simple lines and tight colors. A job well done!

bocodamondo responds:

yeah i know its not fully chibi style, but compared to my usual proportions i draw this is more chibi-like

Really pretty!

One nitpick about the lighting: the light hitting Yubaba's right side is a cold blue, but the light hitting Chihiro's right side is a warm yellow. Why? It looks a little inconsistent.

Other than that, great work!

He reminds me of David Letterman somehow. :)

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